From: Jake Morrison (jake.morrisonsynapse.org)
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 94 08:03 CST
Nancy said:
 > I would love to see what you come up with the hi-tech way!

I know a few ways to get this out. I run a bbs from my home and can make 
a file of it all available from there. It would be about 600 kilobytes 
which (after you got through the logon and found the file) would take 
about 42 minutes to download at 2400 baud.
Another way is for me to send you a disk with it on. It'd be happy to do 
that for one person but if I got many requests I'd have to start asking 
for money.
There are also ways to set up files for ftp via the internet and I'll 
see if I can arrange that. It would certainly be the cheapest and most 
universally accessable.

In case you're interested, my categories are:
   personal introductions
   group introductions
   design topics
   financial topics
   legal topics
   resource announcements
   design topics
   membership issues
   requests for info
   rural issues
   urban issues
   housing turnover issues
   internal economies

I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with using paper. Maybe we 
could trade envelopes? Send me an address.

p.s. You do have an MS-DOS computer, don't you? My work won't be much 
good to you without it.

through my weird setup as an address, and it got refused. Could you put 
a signature at the end of your messages with the proper address. Thanks.

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