Re: RE- the politics of co-h
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 94 08:39 CST
  One way to deal with deadlocked issues is to back up a step.  Often  people
  can't agree right away to the details but can agree on concepts.  For the
  group name scenario you might be able to get some conceptual  agreements such
  as the name should reflect our nature preservation  values, sharing, or other
  such concepts.  Having agreement on concepts  can make it easier to filter
  out specifics which don't fit the concepts  and also lead to the direction of

Good idea.

The other way to make decisons where there is not one right answer, is rather
then trying to choose *the* right answer, throw out the bad answers.  For
example, in picking a name, think up 100 names.  Have everyone throw out the
name they can't stand the most, repeat untill you have a dozen so so good
candidates, and then repeatedly vote on which name to pick, and throw out the
name with the least votes.  Finally, You'll end up with a name that nobody
absolutely can't stand, and that a large majority has consistantly voted for,
even if it wasn't their *favorite* name.


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