Re: Consensus
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 94 11:47 CST
Stephen Lewin-Berlin  berlin [at] wrote:

>I think one of the key strengths of a good facilitator is the ability
>to distinguish which decisions require more time and more process, and
>which ones should be expedited. This includes a sensitivity to the
>needs and feelings of the members of the group, to avoid both 'passive
>consensus' and 'over-diligent' process.

Yes!!! The key to successful group process is effective facilitation. I 
have visited serveral groups in the last couple of years and it is 
really painful for me to sit through a meeting that is poorly 
facilitated, I really start squirming.  There are 6 tasks of effective 
faciliation and Carloine Este, of the Alpha Farm in Oregon (A 30+ year 
old intentional community) offers an excellent 3 day seminar on 
effective consensus facilitation.  If you ever get the opportunity to 
catch her seminar it is really worthwhile.  She is also producing a 
book on her experience as a consensus facilitator called " Everyone has 
a piece of the truth".  It was going to be pubished sometime this 
spring and when I get a copy I'll post details on it.

There are some other faciliation resources listed in the Cohousing 
Resource Guide which I can post if folks are interested.  

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