Re: ZEGG Community; possibly interesting to co-housing
From: Stephen Hawthorne (
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 94 15:37 CST
> Jim,
>       I just wanted to say that your stories of ZEGG (which I've never
> heard of before) were an lively change of pace from the usual fare here. 
> Sounds like an interesting place to visit, though I think it might be a
> little overwhelming actually trying to *live* there.  But I think you
> raise issues about the emotional/psychological forces within communities
> that cohousing groups might do well to consider.
>                                       Kieran
        I've just subscribed to the cohousing list and missed Jim's stories.  
But I'm interested in anything lively: a bunch of us are establishing a rural 
cohousing community on 65 acres outside Chapel Hill, NC.  We spend a lot of 
group time on the emotional/psychological issues, so ZEGG (also unknown to me) 
sounds is intriguing.  Should I contact Jim (who and how?) or can you email 
them to me?


Stephen Hawthorne

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