cohousing experiments
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 94 17:48 CST
        I found it intereting to read the various comments regarding this 
experimental way of life in the U.S..  One thing though, is that I 
believe that it will take quite a few years for this type of living to 
become acceptable in this country.  One reason is that our culture is 
designed to live separately from one another, and not bother with the 
people around us.  I lived in Denmark for one year and from my 
experiences, the reason a program like this works is because from day one 
children are taught to think of their surroundings as "shared".  
Therefore, the Danes seem to take more care and have respect for their 
environment and their fellow counrymen.  This tiny country in northern 
Europe has set some great examples that other cultures should take 
advantage of.  
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