ZEGG conference in Arizona in May
From: Fred H. Olson WB0YQM (fholsonmaroon.tc.umn.edu)
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 94 08:30 CST
Message author: Martin Tracy -- mtracy [at] netcom.com
Posted by the COHOUSING-L sysop.

To those of you who caught the posting about ZEGG (relayed to you from
Matthias U. in Germany), they will be holding their first U.S. workshop in
Scottsdale, AZ from May 14 - 21st.  The cost is $600 to $900, depending on

For further information, write to

The Center for Experimental Cultural Design
PO Box 14183
Scottsdale, AZ  85267-4183

or call 1-800-624-8445

ZEGG has evolved for several years, starting with a group of 50 who lived
together for two years in the Black Forest, with no agenda other than
getting to know each other.  They had pooled sufficient money ahead of
time so that noone needed to work during those two years.  Last I heard (a
few months ago), they were still practicing communal ownership and
voluntary sexual sharing (like in Antioch dormitories).  They currently
make their group living with socio-psychological and musical seminars and
camps, and a number of ingenious inventions.

I myself am very curious to see how well their ideas might fare here.
There will certainly be nudity, communally-prepared vegetarian meals,
music, and possibly a lot of intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality. 
In my opinion, they will likely run afoul of the Cinderella myth...

The Cinderella Myth
Somewhere out there is the one person/lover destined for me.  I will know
when I meet him/her because we will fall in love.  We will marry, have
kids, and live happily everafter.  The end.

This is one of our few, red-white-and-blue, cultural myths, and Oh, do we
ever believe it.  Just try and find a kid who has not seen Little Mermaid,
Beauty and the Beast, and Alladin.  And what were YOUR bedtime stories
about, I wonder.

Things are a little different in Germany, where it's acknowledged that you
may very well fall in love again AFTER marriage.  Separate vacations are
quite common.

Anyway, ZEGG has discovered that...  Did I mention sub-grouping?  Hey, do
you guys want to hear more about this?

Martin Tracy -- mtracy [at] netcom.com
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