More ZEGG to cohousing
From: Martin Tracy (
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 94 02:34 CST
Rob Sandelin writes:
Subgroups are a natural collection of people who share similiar interests,
hobbies, whatever.  I would think sub-groups would only be a destructive
force if the people in the groups were always the same and became
Oops.  You're right, of course.  I borrowed the term "subgroup" from group
therapy, where it implies an exclusive clique.  I'll use the word "clique"
instead of "subgroup" until a better word comes along.

Sharingwood sounds like a happening place.  Dare I guess that it's a
functioning cohousing group somewhere in America?  I've just joined
COHOUSING-L and haven't learned to use the gopher yet, so forgive my
naivite until I catch up.  My knowledge of cohousing is mostly from
reading the first edition of *Cohousing* (the book), and articles in *In
Context* and *Creating Community Anywhere*.  I've visited groups in Santa
Cruz and Grass Valley, but the cohousing hasn't happened there yet.

Martin Tracy -- mtracy [at]

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