Re: North Carolina Group
From: Andrea Miralia (
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 1994 18:20:24 -0400
Hi there-  
how great- a group here!
I currently live in Chapel Hill (work in Durham) and that sounds so
perfect-- unfortunately, I am too poor to be able to get a mortgage
or anything $$.  Eventually, however, co-housing is what I will look
for.  Please keep me posted on all the devlopments of your community!

The timing is tragic, actually-- I'm incredibly lucky to have a mom
who wants to invenst down here, so she's buyibuying a duplex-- they just 
accepted the offer yesterday-- and I'm going
to live in it.  SO I'll be getting the adventages of owning and renting
at the sasame time.  

Please send me informtaion on your community, anyway!  Chapel Hill (or 
Saxaphaw. or whereever it is that you're planning the community) is a great
place for co-housing.


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