Re: Alcohol Use in Cohousing
From: John Willson (
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 1994 07:54:44 +1000
>Following the recent discussion of policies regarding pets and
>guns in cohousing, I would like to raise another touchy issue --
>consumption of alcoholic beverages, particularly in the common
>areas of the community.
>This issue has been brought up in Rose Tree, and I wondered if
>any other groups have developed an alcohol policy.

At Cascade Cohousing we have never developed an alcohol policy and it
does not appear to be an issue.  Regulary after meetings or at the end of
the day we will have a quiet drink or two.  It is viewed as a normal way
of finishing a day or meeting.  A reasnable number of people are also
brewing their own beer.  In general it hasn't been an issue.

John Willson

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