List commands help file incl. "digest mode"
From: Fred H. Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 94 06:00:34 CST
Helpful COHOUSING-L list commands

Everyone, PLEASE,  make sure you have recorded
            these addresses somewhere and use as indicated :
Send list related COMMANDS (see below) to: .. listserv [at]
Post messages ABOUT COHOUSING ONLY to: ...... cohousing-l [at]
Send for help etc. from sysop to: ........... fholson [at]
Send list commands as first line of body of message to listserv [at]
Commonly used commands for COHOUSING-L are (some details below):
SUBSCRIBE COHOUSING-L <your real name>
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL POSTPONE     \  Note: Each sub is in one these of 4
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL NOACK        /        MAIL modes at any time.
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL ACK        /          To undo one, use another.
SET COHOUSING-L                    (no parmameter, sends back current status)
GET COHOUSING-L   <filename>
SEARCH COHOUSING-L <some_string_or_expression>
REVIEW COHOUSING-L                              (get list of subscribers)
SUBSCRIBE COHOUSING-L <your real name>
UNSUBSCRIBE COHOUSING-L   Note that no name or argument is allowed!
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL DIGEST  All messages for the day sent in one message.
   When users set their mail mode to "digest", they will receive postings from
the list only once a day, bundled as one message.  This is great for people who
are annoyed by a lot of messages or who only check there mail once a day.
(Includes 'noack' mode i.e. your message is not sent back to you)
   When replying to a message in a 'digest', please manually enter the
appropriate Subject/Thread -- otherwise your reply will have
the subject: "RE: COHOUSING-L digest ##"     which isn't very helpful.
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL ACK   Messages you send to the list WILL be sent to you.
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL NOACK Messages you send to the list WONT be sent to you.
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL POSTPONE  No messages will be sent.
   If you are going to be gone for a period of time and don't
   want to have your mailbox filling up with list messages, this feature
   will temporarily suspend mailings to you *until you change MAIL mode again
   with for example SET COHOUSING-L MAIL ACK *

SET COHOUSING-L           With no parmameter, current status will be sent.
   This is useful just to check if the address the listserver has for you
   "works".  If everything is ok; you get simply a message informing you what
   the current settings of your subscription are.
   However if there is a problem, you will get a message that starts:
   <address from your msg>: You are not subscribed to cohousing-l [at]
   Only subscribers to COHOUSING-L can post or issue commands to the list.

INDEX COHOUSING-L       Gets list of archive files available. 
                        (Alternately try gopher )

GET COHOUSING-L   <filename>  Returns file as one or more long email messages.

SEARCH COHOUSING-L <some_string_or_expression>  Get file references to a string.

HELP      get information about list server commands
** Please try to avoid sending commands to the wrong address.
Successful commands are acknowledged with a return message.  Lack of an
acknowledgement may mean you sent the command to the wrong address.
Fred H. Olson   fholson [at]     Sysop of COHOUSING-L mailing list
1221 Russell Av N; Minneapolis, MN 55411        voice: (612) 588-9532
WB0YQM  146.64 MHz with DTMF Selcall: 233 ;        FAX by arrangement
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