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Date: Sun, 10 Apr 94 09:04:54 CST
On Sun, 10 Apr 94 04:16 CDT, 
Jake Morrison  <cohousing-l [at]> wrote:

>Regarding building materials research, Sue Cuneo Salem said:
> >  * any other options (not brick or stucco)
>    Why is stucco out? We haven't gotten to that stage yet but I remember 
>someone once saying the they wouldn't consider stucco. 
>    I LIKE stucco. I think it is hardy in most climates, both in response
>to weather and to baseballs and other mechanical stresses. What I really 
>like about it is the seamless surface it gives. And the colours!
I wondereded the same thing about the original message but didn't get 
around to responding.  Here in Minneapolis a high percentage of the older
housing stock has stucco.  But I do recall talking to a friend who's
in the non-profit housing bsns who said they avoid stucco because it
is relatively expensive compared to Aluminum siding because of the high
labor cost (fairly specialized labor I think).  

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