Re: Cohousing in Seattle?
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 94 20:16:07 PDT
>E. Jay O'Connell writes:

>I'm going to be in Seattle for a writing program this summer, for six weeks.

>I'd love to see there a way for me to do this? Could I buy
>or bum a meal off of sharingwood? :-)

I have a listing of all our local cohousing groups with names, phone 
numbers and addresses.  Many groups, including Sharingwood, welcome 
visitors under the conditions that they call ahead. If you send me a 
postal mailing address I will forward the list. You can call me 
personally during the day at 206-936-7157 or evenings at 206-788-1613

Rob Sandelin.

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