Getting It Built at Esalen
From: Martin Tracy (
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 16:27:42 -0700
The CoHousing Company will be having a Getting It Built weekend workshop
sponsored by the Esalen Institute at Big Sur.  The cost is $200 - $380
(depending on accomodations) and includes room and board.  The workshop
runs from July 15th to July 17th.  To reserve space, contact the Esalen
Institute, (408) 667-3005.  For more information, call The CoHousing
Company, (510) 549-9980.

The Esalen Institute is well known for its clothing-optional hot tubs,
overlooking the beautiful Pacific.  In fact, they are open to the general
public from midnight until dawn.  Which brings a question to mind...

The Grass Valley/Nevada City cohousing group just fell apart.  According
to Mitch, the controversy which did them in was "Should I be able to own a
gun?"  Sound familiar?  The group split into two factions: those who said
that, whether or not they would own a gun, or let their children play in a
house that had one, they considered it to be a personal choice.  The other
group said, nohow, no way would anyone be able to own one.  (This is a
simplified account, based on one extended phone call.)

Granted, guns are dangerous, by design.  Nevertheless, I believe that a
good indicator of a healthy community is that personal freedom is
encouraged and supported when possible.

Which brings me to clothing-optional hot tubs.  Some cohousing groups have
hot tubs, some have kids.  How is this handled?  Clothing required at all
times?  Nudity ok?   Adult-only evening hours?  Fences?

What about a family that lives in a community without a hot tub?  Would
they be allowed to put one in their back yard?  Would they be allowed to
landscape for privacy?

My life partner is a professional dancer, and finds that an evening dip in
a hot tub keeps her from being stiff the next morning, so this is a matter
of some personal interest.

Martin Tracy -- mtracy [at]

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