RE: monthly assessments, how does your community do it?
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 17:52 CDT
Maureen Hayes wrote:

>Our cohousing community is getting very close to the BUILDING stage!
>.any day now!! One of the issues we are currently working out is how
>to apportion the monthly assessments.  I would be interested in
>hearing from other groups who have worked this one out.  I know that
>the way communities divide out the monthly assessments can range
>from simple to very complex.

I would be interested in hearing more about your community. Location, 
number of households, etc.

Assessments at Sharingwood ( A cohousing group near Seattle) are 
equally divided  by household (unit).  So all costs and the yearly 
budget is divided by 17, the current number of households.  We have 
regular monthly assessments and also have special assessments to cover 
unplanned or unbudgeted things.  Our monthly assessments cover common 
insurance, common taxes, maintenance budget, capital project money for 
things like the kids treehouse and garden things, office supplies, 
recruiting budget, tool repair and aquisition budget, a party fund, 
subscriptions to magazines, childcare for meetings, and we maintain a 
three month budget surplus to cover any contingencies. All this costs 
$41 per month per unit. (17).

Occaisionally members donate money for things, for example rather than 
do a special assessment for our playground construction, several 
members donated the extra money we needed over the capital budget 
amount that was available.  Same thing with our basketball hoop, 
several members just paid for it together.  We have bought tools this way also.

 As our second phase develops we will divide these costs by 29 and so 
the per unit monthly assessment cost will drop considerably, although 
I'm sure we will find new things to spend money on. One very popular 
idea for future spending is to lease a community car (van) so some of 
us can get rid of our seldom used second cars and so we have a 
community vehicle for field trips and such.  We already have a 
community truck which is useful for hauling gravel and such but only seats 2.

We project our commonhouse (which will start construction this summer) 
will cost about $25 per unit for taxes, maintenance and utilities.

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