RE: Limits to CoHousing
From: Joel Spector (
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 94 05:35 CDT
biow (could you please post a name or pseudonym next time?) and Rob
Sandelin have started an interesting discussion. The issue being used for
an example was gun ownership.  Rob presents the primary concept involved as
being 'vision,' biow was less specific but seemed to be trying to present
the issue as one of privacy.  (Is this so? Please correct me if my
interpretation is off.)

Vision is a good thing.  Diversity also has its strengths.  To a degree,
these two good things are mutually exclusive.  How to balance them seems to
me to be the key to the art of "managing" a community.  Or, perhaps, the
art of managing to be a member of one.  The decision being made is, which
comes first?  Loving your neighbor, or loving your vision?


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