RE: Limits to CoHousing
From: Bruce A. Duda (
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 94 10:17 CDT
        It may have been a rant, but it raised some ancillary questions about 
the  long term viability of groups within a quickly changing society.  
How are houses or residences remarketed, what kind of stresses on the 
social system and the financial reserves of both individuals and the 
group dose it create?    
        How do groups deal with these issues and how they network to find new 

                                Thank You 
                                Bruce A. Duda

baduda [at]

On Fri, 22 Apr 1994, Rob Sandelin wrote:

> biow [at] cs.UMD.EDU Wrote a rant.
> >I think there's another point to be made, which is that this particular
> >problem should never have fallen within the scope of cohousing at all,
> >any more than a hundred other possibly contentious issues that are
> >otherwise covered by international, national, state, and local laws.

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