What's a cohousing development?
From: Rob Sandelin (robsanmicrosoft.com)
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 94 15:57 CDT
Fred wrote of the cohousing magazines list:

>The Listing of Cohousing Contacts Across North America is a 3 page
>insert with listings in 34 States, the Dist. of Columbia and Canada.
>THe approximately 175 listings include a city/town
>and phone number (no address).

There is an interesting question of what is, what is not cohousing. For 
example is a cooperative land trust, with no common house cohousing? 
How about a housing cooperative with no shared land or commonhouse?

On the back page of the last couple of issues of cohousing magazine has 
been this box titled "What is Cohousing?" The first paragraph states:
Cohousing communities are resident-developed cooperative neighborhoods 
where individual households are clustered around a common house with 
shared facilities... but resident cooked dinners are often available 
for those who wish to participate.

I know that some of the projects (4)  listed from the NW don't fit the 
description listed above. I suppose it really doesn't matter if a frog 
calls itself a toad because the difference is small and the only ones 
who might care are other toads and frogs but it makes me wonder about 
the solid the 175 number really is.  One of the reasons the term 
CoHousing was originally copyrighted (although later freed) was to keep 
other forms of intentional community from calling themselves cohousing 
and confusing what cohousing is.

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