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Date: Wed, 27 Apr 94 09:48 CDT
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>Fred wrote of the cohousing magazines list:
>>The Listing of Cohousing Contacts Across North America is a 3 page
>>insert with listings in 34 States, the Dist. of Columbia and Canada.
>>THe approximately 175 listings include a city/town
>>and phone number (no address).
>I know that some of the projects (4)  listed from the NW don't fit the 
>description listed <elsewere in the magazine>

I'm sure the contact's relationship to "true" cohousing varies 
considerably.  Numerous entries are simply personal names -
which could mean there is only a person with interest or maybe
it's a "serious" core group that just can't agree on a name :) .

Of the  175 contacts 53 have a letter indicating that they are:
15 Umbrella groups
28 Community with controlled site or under construction
10 Completed or partially occupied community

That leaves about 125 of undefined relationship to cohousing.
But even those that are not solid cohousing contacts, can be
an initial local contact.

The statement on the front of the contact list reads:
We at the Cohousing Network gratefully acknowledge help from all our
Regional Editors and the Cohousing Company in the creation of this 
bi-annual list.

Does anyone know how this list compares with the list mentioned in 
Martin Tracy's April 5th message about the second edition of the 
Cohousing - the book?

>For an additional $10, they will send you the latest contact list of about
>150 names and addresses.  

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