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Date: Wed, 27 Apr 94 12:11 CDT
On Wed, 27 Apr 94 11:10 CDT, 
Rob Sandelin  <robsan [at]> wrote:

>I just discovered that the regional inserts are different! Fred gets the 
>midwest region and I get the NW region. 
>Rob Sandelin
>22020 East Lost Lake Rd.
>Snohomish, WA  98290

The regional inserts that I've seen are 4 pages in length out of 24 pages 
total.  The regions they have defined are large relative to the regions in 
which people have significant contact.  There are 8 regional inserts:
British Columbia   California   Midwest            Northwest
Northeast          Ontario      Rocky Mountains    Southeast 

In Minneapolis we have little in common with or contact with Chicago (or 
even Madison) so putting together a regional insert can't build on natural 
regional interactions much.

Related to this, the amount of information and level of detail, frequency 
of publication for the purposes of announcing events with such large 
regional inserts doesn't serve our region as well as we think we should be
able to do with our own newsletter.  Of course we have trouble 
actually getting our local newsletter out as often as we'd like.

The cost of subscriptions at $25 per year for just 4 issues is quite high.
Too high to make it a benefit of membership for our Umbrella group.
The magazine has indicated (in an ad aimed at potential advertizers)
that it reaches 3000 (winter '94) or 4000 (spring '94) people .
Anyone have a sense of how these numbers compare to other comparable 
publications (on any topic)?

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