re Group vision/goals
From: arnott (
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 94 09:42 CDT
It is not a legally binding response to "I don't care what the founders
intended . . ." but the group vision/goals discussion has made me think that it
might not be a bad idea if new full members where required to sign two copies
of the group's vision statement (one for them and one for the group's files) in
addition to mortgage pre-qualifying.

I also like the idea of keeping a post move-in associates members list which
people moving out can sell to.

For those of us who are founding members of cohousing groups we have to remember
that the visions that kept us going, month after month and sometimes year after
year are a lot more utopian than reality.  

Michael Arnott
NorthWest Inner Suburban/NWIS, Arlington, MA

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