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Date: Sun, 1 May 94 18:47 CDT
Message author: INFO-GW.MESE.COM!VANILLA Gareth Fenley
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Hello everyone... This is Gareth Fenley in Atlanta.  I have asked Fred 
our dear sysop to post this for me, because I seem to have a technical 
bug preventing me from posting.  Please reply to me at 
"vanilla [at]" ....  and NOT to Fred.  Thank you.

I am very close to making a commitment to buy into a cohousing project in 
Atlanta!!!  It's exciting.  The project will have 12 newly built 
townhouse units and a great common house on a small urban site.  It's 
called Lake Claire Cohousing... was profiled in the last issue of the 
Cohousing magazine.

Can anyone please send me copies of things called:
(1) "townhouse covenants" and
(2) "homeowners association bylaws."
While I am not sure exactly what they are, I am told that the project 
needs to get examples of them immediately so we can develop our own.  The 
project has not obtained a loan for construction, after spending a lot of 
time working with a credit union that wanted to help us but it turned out 
they cannot do so within their charter.  So we are dealing with banks we 
don't have a relationship with... and of course this being the South and 
not somewhere hip like Oregon, they all can be expected to be fairly 
conservative.  I'm told that the covenants and bylaws will be a key part 
of the presentation --- if that's really true then we really better get 
right to this!!
Please reply to:
vanilla [at]
or to:
Gareth Fenley
PO Box 18286
Atlanta, GA 30316

P.S.  I am also extremely interested in getting an archive of the threads 
from this mailing list.  I have only e-mail access, not ftp and all that 
good stuff.  And my fellow co-housers do not have online access of any 
kind.  Is an old-fashioned paper version available?

Thanks so much to everyone.  Hope to be going from passive interest to 
active ownership and participation very soon!!!

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