About Cohousing-L / N Street Intro.
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (fholsonmaroon.tc.umn.edu)
Date: Sun, 1 May 94 22:48 CDT
At the end of his great introduction to himself and N Street
(about which I may have some questions later) ...
On Sun, 1 May 94 17:00 CDT, 
Stuart Staniford-Chen  <stuarts [at] landau.ucdavis.edu> wrote:
>I have a couple of neophyte questions about this group.  About how long has 
>list been going, and how many subscribers are there?  Are there any other 
>cohousing resources on the internet (eg an anonymous ftp site) besides this 
>list and the associated gopher site?
The Cohousing-L mailing list started in Nov 1992 and now has somewhat 
over 200 subscribers.   Since Jan 1993 the monthly number of messages
has been: 55 , 91 , 143 and 117.  THe volume has gotten high enough
that some people are feeling their mailbox is stressed by it which is 
part of the reason for the gopher and possible usenet alternatives.  

Except for the echo of Cohousing-L on Peacenet and the gopher I am 
not aware of any other cohousing resources accessible from Internet.
I hope to add some files (a bibliography, more extensive introductory info 
{anyone have a candidate??} etc. ) to the gopher.  I'll check on the 
possibility of ftp access to such resources as well as the archives.  I 
suppose some people might prefer to use ftp over gopher.  (Here in the 
gopher state we may have a distorted view of net tool preferences :)

On 3/26/94 and 4/14/94 in response to the announcement about "One-Net" in 
the Winter 1994 Issue of the magazine "CoHousing" I  wrote to Mike Mariner 
via his compuserve address to request more information. I've had no 
response.  From the magazine notice it was unclear to me what is planned.
(Other contacts listed that I have not tried are:
 4290 Darley Ave., Boulder, CO 80303 303-494-5808)

Gareth Fenley  asked:
>P.S.  I am also extremely interested in getting an archive of the threads 
>from this mailing list.  I have only e-mail access, not ftp and all that 
>good stuff.  And my fellow co-housers do not have online access of any 
>kind.  Is an old-fashioned paper version available?

Tho gopher is the easy way to browse the archives, it can be done via email
using commands to listserv [at] uci.com :

INDEX COHOUSING-L       Gets list of archive files available (by month)

GET COHOUSING-L   <filename>  Returns file as one or more long email messages.

SEARCH COHOUSING-L <some_string_or_expression>  Get file references to a string.

I have no way to supply archives on paper.

I'm starting to think about a Usenet gateway.  Does anyone have feelings
about the desireability of a Usenet Gateway (to "bit.cohousing-L" 
seems most likely).  The style of discussion on Usenet tends to be 
somewhat different than mailing lists but I dont see it as a problem.
BTW the gopher has the advantage over Usenet of being both current and
archives.  The other thing I've thought about just recnetly is making
another attempt at a Fido gateway.  We had a proposal early on but it fell 
thru.  Does anyone have thoughts / expertise on Fido?  It could
make the discussion (at least theoretically) accessible in more places
to people without Internet access.  There has been some discussion of 
making our archives available via WAIS but this is still pending.

Some other things that might be nice to have are:

1) Articles that have been published in print but this has copyright
concerns.  I have not tried requesting permission for anything...

2) edited versions of some of our threads suitable for publishing
in local paper newsletters 

3) implementing a "light moderator" function -- to screen out
'noise' messages (how do I unsubscribe?) and assign better
subject lines when needed.  Note to edit messages themselves.

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