Re: Welcome (from Martin Tracy)
From: Grant Syphers (
Date: Mon, 2 May 94 23:13 CDT
Thanks for your note.
I would very much like to attend the "Getting It Built" workshop in
July.  My wife and I have had some qualms about Esalen, however.  The
physical setting is certainly beautiful enough.  We'd like our
thirteen year old son to come to the workshop with us and we're
concerned that the nudity of Esalen and age thirteen don't mix very
well.  I have shared my concern with Katie McCamant.
I suspect what we'll do is wait for another opportunity to attend the
You also asked about the name, Meadowhearth.  This is the name my
wife chose for our home in the town of Pleasanton some years ago.
I've come to like it especially because it contains both 'hearth' and
'earth.'  The notion of thinking globally and acting locally seems to
be implied. I've also appreicated the similar sentiment in Rob
Sandelin's phrase: building a better society one neighborhood at a
Pleasanton, by the way, was named after a Civil War General; this
could make it a kind of wolf in sheep's clothing!  It is a pleasant
town, however, and might even be a good site for a cohousing project
if we can find the requisite number of "burning souls."
Best wishes.
Grant Syphers                            Meadowhearth, Pleasanton, CA
gsyphers [at]

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