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From: G . MELTZER (
Date: Tue, 3 May 94 17:59 CDT
1>I am Graham Meltzer, a cohousing enthusiast and researcher (PhD) and
a new subscriber to cohousing-l. I'm an absolute novice with e-mail, the 
and the information superhighway ("hugging the slow lane" did someone say?)
but with Fred's help I think I'm catching on. (Later ... I've been trying to 
send this 
for a week now) 

I've been reading for a week or so and am impressed with the erudite nature of 
much of the exchange and the way in which it's so personal despite its being 
Am looking forward to getting involved. My wife and I are members of a 
cohousing group in Brisbane (Australia), still in its infancy but strong and 
moving forward. 
The discussion you've been having of the place of ideology in cohousing is just 
what we're into right now, so the thoughts of some of you with experience of 
the reality of cohousing are of great value to us and I'll be passing them on 
to the group. 
We hope to build or renovate in the inner city so perhaps our biggest hurdle 
will be affordability. But that's a way off yet. Right now  we're in the 
process of incorporating 
(as a Cooperative) so just getting our heads around the legalese is keeping us 
One step at a time is our approach.

All the mail I've read to date has been generated in the US. Whilst I'm all in 
of strengthening ties with you guys, I'd be interested to know if there is 
anyone out
there from down under ... Aus or New Zealand. I'm keen to establish a network 
local cohousing groups so as we can help out each other with matters such as
legal structures, tenure options etc and provide moral support generally. 
Cohousing in Australia is much less well established than in the US. I know of 
about a dozen groups being formed but none I beleive, are building yet. 

A few more details ... I've lived for more than 15 years now in a variety of 
intentional communities ... mostly rural hippie, but some urban, two years on 
Kibbutz, six months in a cohousing community in Denmark (1992) etc. A lot of
good times, some not so good ... but on balance I'd have to say that for me,
its got to be a better way to go ie. sharing resources and having close, 
relationships with my fellow human beings. I love it. 

I teach architecture for a living and am interested in housing form of all 
My wife Jane is into community and environmental health. We have two teenage
daughters who think this communal living stuff is a bit wierd. But I know that 
of the reason for their being such delightfull, warm and well socialised 
people, is
the ideal upbringing they had in a rural hippie commune of some 150 other 

Best wishes to you all
Graham Meltzerving close, sociable
relationships with my fellow human beings. I love it. 

I teach archite
Best wishes to you all

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