Another group to know about
Date: Wed, 4 May 94 09:29 CDT
Cantine's Island CoHousing of Saugerties, New York is another group for readers
 of this list to know about. We have the remarkable luck to have paid very litt
le for a spectacular piece of waterfront property. We will cluster twelve
 homes and a common house atop a ridge and devote the secluded lower portion to
 trees, gardens, recreation and waterfront access. We are designing the project
 in accordance with Alexander's A Pattern Language; our architect, Raym deRis o
f Belmont, Massachusetts, is experienced in applying these patterns to communit
y design. Construction will start in spring 1995; village planning board approv
al is already in hand. We project the cost of a basic 1100 square foot house, p
lus the household's share of land and development costs, as $75,000 up. We make
all decisions by consensus. At present we are in the last phase of our outreach
 and seeking ethnic and intergenerational diversity. As of May 1994 we have nin
e fully committed households and several others giving it serious consideration
 Contact Lee Haring (lehbc [at], 718 857-1851.
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