Re: Cohousing and the future: training leaders
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (
Date: Wed, 4 May 94 14:42 CDT
I have definitely found that I take a bigger and more constructive role in
meetings at work because of the skills I have acquired in community meetings.
Generally, I now find meetings in other settings to be incredibly poorly
organized and run compared to what I am used to at home - even where the
participants are people who sit in or run meetings all the time.  There must
be exceptions I'm sure, where meetings in traditional settings work well.

Having said that, in looking at how many of one's neighbours have leadership
roles, one should probably remember that people who are attracted to
cohousing and willing to put the time into a long process are probably
not average people to begin with.

Stuart Staniford-Chen
N-St. Cohousing.

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