Group Growth-Early
From: cbwhy (
Date: Wed, 4 May 94 14:57 CDT
Since joining a cohousing group here in South Florida 2 months ago and this
mail list around the same time I have been overwhelmed by  wonderful people
and interesting ideas. Thank you all for writing. Our group is 5 households
presently moving forward with site , developer, and architect search. One
issue presently for us is how important it is to recruit new people at this
stage. We know at some point (maybe sooner than we think), we will have to
have more households on board, but at this point we move swiftly (okay, maybe
with a little burden due to the work load) through meetings and decisions. 
I would be interested to know how much efforts other groups put in to early
recruitment. We eventually want a community of between 18 and 30 households.
Is it always a good time to get commited people? It seems like most people
who are interested don't want to spend their time at this point, or they
aren't ready to put money down after a few meetings.
Thanks for your input.
Corey Yugler
Broward Commons
Cbwhy [at] AOL.Com

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