Re: Cohousing and the future: training leaders
From: John Willson (
Date: Thu, 5 May 94 17:33 CDT
If you look at some of the books there seams to be a high number of 
qualified people in Cohousing.  Certainly our experience is that the group 
has a number of people who achievers in things they consider imporatant - ie 
often not the standard work achievement goals.

We had an objective to encourage people from a wide variety of backgrounds 
but in some areas this failed.  All of our adult residents have tertiary 
qualifications, and most of the people who are planning to build have 
similar qualifications.

We seem to be developing into a group of professionals - some who work full 
time but many who work part time or are self employed and who want to 
acheive a quality of life not possible in a normal housing situation.  One 
member has a fear that some of the places who employ him on short term 
contracts will require someone full time.  He likes the work but does not 
want to work full time.

John Willson 
Cascade CoHousing

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