From: Jake Morrison (
Date: Fri, 6 May 94 05:13 CDT
Fred H. Olsen typed:

 > I wonder if the leadership phenomena we discovered last night holds
 > true in other groups?

   I think that applies to our group too although I'd have to do a poll to
find out the extent of it.
   While I note the same group propensity I can't put it to skills acquired 
in the group. We haven't been together that long and (having just 
facilitated a really lousey meeting on monday night) I don't think we're 
really that good at it.
   I think that what I see in our members is the result of some weeding 
process that has brought some of the natural leaders amongst our crowd 
(the yoga/environmental/social change crowd) together in Terra Firma. 
I'm not sure what the weeding process is, but I know that most of the 
non-leaders who have been in the group have left.

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