Re: Converting existing housing to Cohousing
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Date: Tue, 10 May 94 11:12 CDT
On Tue, 3 May 94 12:57 CDT, 
jmetzler [at]  <jmetzler [at]> wrote:

>Minneapolis has been pretty good about vacating alleys for development.  You
>might also look to the Dutch concept of the "Woonerf" as a designed place
>which allows both people and cars to coexist safely.  If you needed to retain
>the alley, the concepts could be used to t
>reat it more as a pedestrian domainxx where automobiles were clearly visitors
>needing to be on their best behavior.  Even if you can vacate the alley you
>still have to deal with the autos and you can use it as a model of a place
>primarily for pedestrians which can also accomodate some autos.
>Our architectual office has used the concept on the design of a new housing
>project (not CoHousing).  Anyone interested can find the design in the
>article "Density Enhanced by a Clever Residential Pattern" from the book
>"Common Walls, Private Houses" by Duo Dickinson.  If you can't find the
>article I'm willing to mail and fax out copies as long as I receive only a
>managable number of requests.  Please E-mail me directly.
>jmetzler [at]

Joseph,  Thanks for the suggestion.  I found the article at the Uof MN 
Architecture Library. Certainly an interesting proposal.
I was unable to find anything else on the topic.
Are you aware of other references or a bibliography?
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