What cohousing means to me
From: Rob Sandelin (robsanmicrosoft.com)
Date: Fri, 20 May 94 11:50 CDT
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I asked some of my neighbors to write a sentence or two about what =

cohousing meant to them for a brochure I'm working on.  I thought I =

would share some of their comments with the larger group out in internet la=

I can let my children run and play outside, knowing that every other =

adult is willing and able to watch, nurture and protect them.  There is =

an amazing freedom as parent that I can rely, really and truly trust =

and rely on my neighbors to take care of the well being of my children.

The evening meal reminds me of Thanksgiving, with all my family around =

me, laughing, talking, sharing the details of our days and life.  The =

best adult social conversation I=92ve ever had comes each night around =

the dinner table here.

This is like an endless summer camp that goes on and on. People helping =

each other, working together, brainstorming, sharing their hopes, =

dreams, ideals.  I=92ve come to know and understand myself in a new and =

very important way; how I affect other people.

What it means to me is that I can be with other people, fascinating, =

interesting, clever and empathetic people,  when ever I choose to walk =

out the door.  I never thought of myself as particularly interesting =

and I=92ve learned that I have a lot to offer.

The incredible thing to me is the access I have to tools, books, =

information, life experiences. It still blows me away that I can just =

walk into Bob's garage and borrow his chainsaw and as long as I put it =

back, that is totally OK.  The other day I was having trouble with my =

car and four of my neighbors stopped by to help and offer advice, a =

ride to the parts store, and the tools I needed to do the job. One of =

them even offered to fix it for me.

One of the major differences I see cohousing offering is that people =

are ready and willing to cooperate with each other instead of compete.  =

When you come here you have to accept the idea that the good of the =

community outweighs getting your own way all the time.  You have to be =

willing to share and let go of control sometimes.  You have to deal =

with the problems you personally cause the group and take =

responsibility, not only for yourself, but for the best interest of everyon=
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