cooking and time
From: Laura Bagnall (
Date: Fri, 20 May 94 12:49 CDT
 Subject    cooking and time

The discussion of kitchen equipment reminded me of another question 
that I have about cooking for a cohousing community.  How long on 
average does it take to prepare food for 60 (to pick a number) people?  
If one supposes that the majority of adults in a cohousing community 
work full-time (aside: is this a valid assumption?), when do those
people find time to cook?  Do you end up having people take a
half-day off of work once or twice a month, and work late other 
days to make up for it?  Is it generally harder to find cooks on 
weekdays versus weekends?  My last experience with cooking for large 
groups of people was when I lived in a house of 30 students as an 
undergraduate.  I would only sign up on days when I didn't have any 
late-afternoon classes, and I would start around 3pm.

Laura Bagnall
NWIS Cohousing
Arlington, MA

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