Email Contacts for 3 groups
From: G . MELTZER (
Date: Sun, 22 May 94 16:52 CDT
The Brisbane Aus group is officially BICCH, Brisbane Inner City
CoHousing group. We are about 10-12 committed souls thrashing out
many of the issues recently under discussion in this forum. Let me 
express my appreciation to you and others for the time and energy 
you expend on cohousing-l. Our group is finding it of great 
assistance. By the way, can anyone tell me of their experience in
using internet bulletins in academic papers. What are the protocols
with regard to referencing, bibliographic entries etc?

To return to my reason for posting ....
BICCH can be contacted via my addresses ... 41 Dell Road, St.Lucia,
Queensland 4067, Australia. Ph 870 2090. E-mail g.meltzer [at]

On another matter....
Re: Mt Shasta CA "Community" Farming
It's a pity this conference isn't "gated" so as to keep junk and 
advertisingail out of our mailboxes
 mail out of out of our mailboxes. Or am I being unfair?

Is there going to be a shred kitchen/dining facility at EARTH CAMP ONE

Is this cohousing?


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