cooperative ventures?
From: Jim Slotta (
Date: Mon, 23 May 94 14:33 CDT
As a one-day participant in some cooperative living structure, I don't mind
when little electronic "fliers" come drifting through my e-mail box such as
the one from Earth Camp One - or whatever it was called.  I'm especially 
interested in facts, figures, numbers, timelines, etc., such as those contained
in the Mt. Shasta ad.  So the occasional advertisement doesn't bug me, as I
read it with interest.

One question that I've had for some time concerns the possibility of 
cooperative economic ventures which draw on the power of shared land, 
resources, time, vision, etc.  For example, a co-housing community might 
prove ideal for the running of a large organic garden which markets to
"subscribers" in the city, as well as to roadside customers at a produce
"stand".  Such a thing could be highly profitable, thus offering several
community residents the opportunity for meaningful, community-oriented
emloyment (i.e., what fun!).  Such a business (aNd I'm sure there are other
examples) is well-suited for a group of people who are already well-schooled
in the processes of work rotations, decision making, etc. etc., and who
would perhaps not go belly up if they had a not-so-good year.

I've always been attracted to the idea of land-based economic ventures (not
including traditional cash crop farming - yuck) such as organic produce, hot-
houses, x-mas trees, vinyards, orchards, etc.  It seems like some of the 
communities out there might be well-situated to give such things a try.

I can also see how this could be a real Pandora's box in terms of legalities,
formalities, resposibilities, liabilities (all the -ies), shared profits, etc.
But if we can live together, can we not work together??  Just curious if
there is lots or little of this kind of thing in play right now...

- Jim Slotta  (in Pittsburgh, engines running)

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