RE: Mt. Shasta CA Community Forming
From: Jean Pfleiderer (pfleiderer_jWIZARD.COLORADO.EDU)
Date: Tue, 24 May 94 11:25 CDT

Did you READ the ad that Dave Adams objected to, and that caused you to read 
him the riot act about being accepting of other viewpoints?

> Earth Camp One 80 acres of lake, springs, forest, medows and creeks locate
> near the beuatiful Mt. Shasta in Northern are bieng purchased by a
> corporation which plans to build a lodge, kitchen and bath house on the
> property.  One-half acre homesteads are now availabe for sale of private
> "homesteads" secured by a 99 year lease.  Homesteads will offer a gated
> community with private lake, extremelely pure water supply and recreationa
> opportunities.   Purchase of the first 20 homesteads will be only $15,000
> paid over a five year period.  A gathering of interested parties will occu
> on Memorial Day Weekend.  If you interested, contact EXSTASYM [at] AOL.COM or 
> c
> Steve Kubby at 916 581-1115 for a free prospectus.
I agree completely with Dave.  This is not cohousing, or any other of the 
"forms of intentional community" that you suggest.  It is blatant 
advertising for the sale of lots for development in fairly typical, 
individual, "summer cottage" or perhaps even good old "suburban bedroom 
community" fashion.  I suspect that Dave, like the rest of us, is more than 
happy to learn from others who are interested in alternative housing, 
intentional communities etc.  I know I am.  But I'm not thrilled to see 
somebody who is obviously just out to make a buck, doing the same old things 
we're all trying to find alternatives to, cluttering up the list.  It didn't 
bother me too much, though, when I first saw it, because I thought, oh well, 
they are barking up the wrong tree and nobody in the cohousing movement is 
going to be so naive as to fall for that EARTH CAMP ONE stuff. . .

Did you just prove me wrong, Rob?


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