Re: Mt Shasta Community announcement
From: John Bickelhaupt (
Date: Tue, 24 May 94 12:58 CDT
I regard this as an ad for real estate and not a solicitation for membership
in a co-housing community. This is getting to be an issue in on-line
communications. Imagine logging on and finding your mailbox full of hundreds
of ads. I'm not surprised that people are angry.
        On the other hand, as a silent participant in this mailing list, I
have found it to be remarkably free of communications that I would consider a 
waste of time to read. I don't want people to start filling up my box with a 
lot of flames to one another and I think the potential exists for that with 
this issue. So if
everyone can remain calm, this will continue to be a viable forum for its sut. 
Thanks and please excuse my sloppy typing.

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