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From: James Ausman (ausmansoda.berkeley.edu)
Date: Tue, 24 May 94 13:53 CDT
Co-housers and Friends,

I was greatly disturbed by the unsolicited advertisement from ExstasyM [at] 
I sent him and postmaster [at] aol.com the following message and encourage 
everyone on this list who feels similarly to do the same.

Jim Ausman


Dear Sir:

Please do not send unsolicited advertising the co-housing mailing list. The 
purpose of this mailing list is the discussion of co-housing and related
issues and your real-estate advertisement is in violation of net etiquette,
commmon sense, and good taste. It is also probably a violation of NSF 
commercial use policies, since many of the subscribers to this list are
government funded sites. I can send you a copy of the NSF net usage policies
if you desire. I am forwarding a copy of this to your postmaster.

Thank You,
Jim Ausman

Here is the letter sent to the co-housing mailing list:

                [advertisement deleted]

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