RE: Cohousing, Communes, Community--Not for Profit! Please
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (
Date: Tue, 24 May 94 15:39 CDT
Rob Sandelin says

Personally I'm all in favor of being co-opted by mainstream business, 
it will spread the movement farther and faster and the more people who 
start living in a sane way the better our society will become.


I fear not.  I think if cohousing becomes something marketed by mainstream 
commerce, what you will get is the "look" of cohousing, with none of the
spirit of it.  The important thing about cohousing is not a certain way to
arrange buildings, but a way to arrange people -- in a community.  If 
professional marketers pick it up, they will be selling an image, a mirage.
The real thing can only be built by the people involved.  In a lot of ways,
condominium developments are architecturally very like cohousing communities,
but socially they are nothing like them (at least the ones I have seen).

Of course I'm not against people working with developers to help work out
the technical aspects of getting their place built.  But I can't imagine it 
working if the developer is the driving force behind the project rather 
than the people who want to live there.  

N-Street Cohousing.

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