Re: More cutting boards
From: Pablo Halpern (
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 06:05 CDT
> From: dadams [at] (David G Adams)
> At home, my wife and I use glass cutting boards, which would seem to have
> the advantage of not getting micro-cuts like plastic boards.  They do have
> the disadvantage of being breakable, and may be hard on the wrists in 
> commercial volumes (but cooking 2 times / month should not lead to 
> repetitive stress injuries, yes?).  Has anyone seen any research about gla
> or marble cutting surfaces?

I can't imagine using a glass cutting board.  At home we have the usual 
wooden cutting boards in addition to a lucite one.  The lucite board is 
harder than most plastic boards and I hate using it for anything more than a 
casual cut here and there.  As soon as major food prep starts, I pull out 
the wood.  The problem I have is that my knife does not have a soft landing 
at the end of a cut.  Its not that it hurts my hand or wrist, but that if 
feels yucky and I get the sense that I'm dulling the knife.  Isn't part of 
the idea of a cutting board that it should be a somewhat soft surface in 
order to protect both the user and the knife edge?  

I know this doesn't address the food safety issue, but I want to make sure 
that in our attempt at finding a "safe" cutting board, we don't end up with 
something that defeates the original purpose.

- Pablo

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