Re: Maine Cohousing contacts
From: gkvontob (gkvontobCOLBY.EDU)
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 10:27 CDT
>On Wed, 25 May 94 08:27 CDT, 
>>We (husband, daughter, self) may be moving to the Portland, Maine area and
>>would appreciate any info. about cohousing groups - established or up-and-
>>running - within commuting distance of S. Portland. I saw Kennebec Co-housing
>>mentioned on this list but don't know where it is.
>>Thanks for any help.
>>Pat Prieto
>>From the Spring 1994 contact listing from the Cohousing journal:
>Kennebec Valley Cohousing, Lorie Barber  Portland       ME 207-622-4603

Hi from a member of Kennebec Valley CoHousing!
        Just a minor correction:  Lorie Barber is located in *Augusta*,
Maine, not Portland.  Phone number correct.  Kennebec Valley is about an
hour north of Portland.  We are currently the only group in Maine that owns
land.  We are approx. a year from ground-breaking.  
        We are unique in being a combination of 8 market rate homes and 16
**affordable** homes with shared common house to be situated on 200
gorgeous acres of rural Maine (Readfield).  30 acres are agricultural
fields, the rest predominantly woodlot with some wetland and a stream that
connects to 5 mile Lake Maranacook.  20 acres will be used for  clustered
residential development, the remaining 180 will be in a conservation
        We've been working together for 2 1/2 years and a lot has been
accomplished: i.e. purchased land, received a $144,000 grant for affordable
housing from the Federal Home Loan Bank, received approval on preliminary
plan by Readfield Planning Board, recently applied to FmHA for a 515
loan--Rural Housing Cooperative Loan.
        We operate by consensus, share  potlucks and plan campouts on our
land, and l o n g for the day when our meetings will be just a short walk
from our homes!
        There are currently 7 full member households, 4 soon to join and
assorted potential members.  We intend a total of 24 homes to be presold. 
Anyone interested in getting in on the building stage--now is the time to
check us out.  We don't currently have a household committed to full-time
CSA, though it is a direction we all support.  

Grace K. Von Tobel              gkvontob [at]               
RFD #3 Box 298N
Sidney, Maine 04330-9510
voice: (207) 5547-4244                         

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