A plea for signature/address inclusion, and brief RE: advertising
From: Duncan Blake (dblakeneural.hampshire.edu)
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 12:12 CDT
It's been said before and will be said again: INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS and a 
signature in your posts please! Cohousing-l is not configured to show return 
addresses properly if they have not been included in the original header as 
part of the user id. SO, if you want people to be able to send you private 
comments (and keep list traffic down (and relavent to current threads), give 
us your address. 
        For instance, I wanted to send private email to andrew horner
about his views of advertising, and clarifying the official position of 
the NSFNET on advertising (which is not at all the defacto position), but 
am unable to do so, because he hasn't included his address. I was also going 
to sugest that anyone intrested in hearing about rob sandlins' groups' 
available positons email him directly for a copy, at least till we create
some list guidlines for posting about available positions/lots/homestead 
sites. Again, no address, no private email. If this were in fact a list serv
list, we would be able to reveiw it, but as it is not, address in the header,
 etc are our only way of keeping the lines open/private.


Duncan Blake
Dblake [at] hamp.hampshire.edu
Looking for a pgp program for the Apple IIe.....
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