Re: The list of cohousing groups on this serving thus far
From: Duncan Blake (
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 13:29 CDT
Apologies apologies apologies. here I go and open my big fat mouth the first 
time and get a bunch of stuff wrong. This IS a listserv list you probably can 
reveiw it, and other people (at least one has kindly emailed me about it)
do receive the addresses of individuals in thier from feilds, as opposed to me.
Before anyone lectures me about it, I am very familiar with headers and such, 
and have checked: I do NOT get the information. it just has a user defined name
and cohousing-l. I'm looking into the bowels of my system configuration, and 
hopefully will figure out where/why I'm not getting it. I've also been reading 
the archives, and may switch over to that as my primary method of following the 
list. I'll send an introduction soon, sorry again, sorry.


Duncan Blake
Dblake [at]
Looking for a pgp program for the Apple IIe.....

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