Re: Maine Cohousing contacts
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 18:03 CDT
On Wed, 25 May 94 10:26 CDT, 
gkvontob [at] COLBY.EDU  <gkvontob [at] COLBY.EDU> wrote:

>>>From the Spring 1994 contact listing from the Cohousing journal:
>>Kennebec Valley Cohousing, Lorie Barber  Portland       ME 207-622-4603
>Hi from a member of Kennebec Valley CoHousing!
>        Just a minor correction:  Lorie Barber is located in *Augusta*,
>Maine, not Portland.  Phone number correct.  Kennebec Valley is about an

The error is in the original listing.  

Judy Baxter yesterday wrote (off the list) of a
 "query today from Don Lindeman, so I told him how to subscribe"

Don is part of the editorial group for the Cohousing journal.
If he gets on the list a link for feedback to the journal should
be very helpful.

BTW, I have never gotten around to trying to get announcements about
Cohousing-L into print publications including Cohousing journal.
Maybe Don will help do that.  

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