RE: advertising - Fred the sysop's response
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 26 May 94 11:44 CDT
The controversy has died down about advertising over the list and I guess I 
should try to clarify. (In the absense of a decision making mechanism here
(a new topic?) this might be considered an attempt at policy...)

1)  Please observe accepted net ettiquette - sorry I dont have references 
handy but this info is available on the net.  This will be added to the 
already too long welcome message.

2)  Announcements ("ads") clearly related to cohousing are acceptable 
and encouraged if done in good taste.  Keep them to a reasonable length
and give an address for more information.

3) This is an UNmoderated list; there is (at present) no attempt to 
review messages before they are distributed and I hope this does not become

4) Those considering posting of unrelated or questionable "ads" should be 
aware that such postings can backfire and alienate people and become 
counterproductive.  Think before you post.

   Self regulation seems to me to clearly be the preferable approach here.
If inappropriate postings got too numerous (say more than the responses to 
them :) we'll have to reconsider moderation.

If in doubt, you may consult me.  

5) If you object to a particular posting, email a response (in good taste)
to the originator (I hope you have learned how to this). Feel free to send 
a copy to me.

6) The other kind of "junk" mail is the meesages that get posted 
to the list that should go to an individual.  I regret and apologize for
doing this myself occasionally.  I'll try harder.  The address
Cohousing-L-Request [at]  (that is add "-request" to the list name)
works to get mail to me for admin and help.  Let's all try harder to keep
the inappropriate postings (like "how do I unsub?") off the list itself.

Fred H. Olson     fholson [at]     Minneapolis, MN   55411        
voice: (612) 588-9532    Amateur radio call: WB0YQM   Sysop of 
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