Room available in collective house in Oakland Calif.
From: Philip Kohn (kohnICSI.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Thu, 26 May 94 12:51 CDT
(Please excuse this message if you are not in the SF bay area
or plan to move there)

A room is available in a 10 year old collective household
of 6 people (3 women, 3 men) in Oakland California very near
the town of Berkeley.  We share cooking, house chores, parties, etc.
We own the house (actually only one person is on the title, but we
are looking for some method of group ownership - if anyone on this
list knows about this, please please tell me).
We have a garden, fruit trees, hot tub, cable, multiple newspapers,
2 dogs, 5 cats and some large number of snakes (that stay in their
cages).  We operate on consensus (or consensus-1 if someone is being
asked to leave).  Lately meetings have been very short and without
any "blocking".

If you are interested, here is the address and phone number:

The Playground
6149 Shattuck Ave
Oakland CA 94609

Phil Kohn

(Yes, I realize this is different than co-housing, but it seems
like there is some overlap in concept anyway.  Also, I don't
know of a list for collectives and communes - if anyone does
please let me know!)

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