Re: Re: Maine Cohousing contacts
From: Lynne Farnum (
Date: Thu, 26 May 94 15:53 CDT
Kennebec Valley Cohousing sounds terrific.  You certainly
have accomplished a lot, and its particularly exciting
that you were able to get funding to include many
affordable units.  I have two questions:
1.  How did you define "affordable" to meet state/local
requirements and get the grant?  Can people join in your
group at the beginning move into the affordable units if
they meet certain guidelines?  When our group investigated
this, it looked as though we would have no choice about
who would live in the affordable homes -- they would be
assigned from the town's waiting list, and might be people
who had absolutely no interest in the values or goals of

2.  You said the developed area of your community will
be 24 homes on 20 acres.  Our group's site plan (for a
parcel we lost at auction, sadly) called for 27 units on
3-4 acres, including roads, parking, common house, and
the common space enclosed by the buildings.  Are your
houses actually going to be spread out at something like
one per acre, or does the 20 acres include your entire
community, gardens, ball fields, pasture, etc.?

P.S.  Loved your ham and eggs analogy.

Lynne Farnum
Rose Tree Cohousing
Groton, Massachusetts

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