Re: Coop Bank/Credit Union for Cohousing
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Thu, 26 May 94 19:49 CDT
On Thu, 26 May 94 16:03 CDT, 
Jerome F Rigot  <jfrigot [at]> wrote:

>and any other info you could think of. Also, do any of you know of a
>bulletin board or any other network info regarding coops?  I would
>appreciate anything you could provide me with.  Thanks.  Send info directly

You might try posting a message to the Usnet newsgroup
It's not too active but might lead you to some info.

BTW I (as sysop) noticed that you set postpone mode.  Are you going to be 
reading the list via gopher?  Just curious.


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