Community rituals
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Fri, 27 May 94 15:42 CDT
It seems to me that part of the traditions of cohousing which will be 
passed on to future generations will be our rituals.  I am curious what 
sorts of things get celebrated in various communities and what sort of 
processes could become, or are rituals now.

At Sharingwood one ritual we do is before every meeting there is time 
for personal check-in, where you can say whatever you want.  Most of 
the time this is used by people just to say briefly what's up with 
them.  Occasionally  this has consumed the whole meeting.

We celebrate the solstice with a fire and some readings.  When certain 
trees are cut down on the common property we do a eclectic ceremony 
which involves readings and what ever else people want to do or say.

The verdance of spring is celebrated on May day with baskets of flowers 
delivered by the children.

What are your group rituals?

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