From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (fholsonmaroon.tc.umn.edu)
Date: Sun, 29 May 94 16:01 CDT
Despite about a week of few messages, the number of messages on
Cohousing-L in May has been high - about 150.  Generally this
has been gratifying but it can stress resources - in particular
time to read and respond to messages and in some cases disk space.

List messages to 2 subscribers are currently bouncing because
"DISK QUOTA EXCEEDED".  And the bounced messages come back and
fill my mail box! :) 

Eventually I unsubscribe subscribers whose mail is bouncing.  
Usually this is without notice - cant give notice because their 
mail is bouncing.  If you stop getting Cohousing-L messages
(and would like to...) check over your account and send me a note.

I try to give subscribers time to get their account straightened out
but after a few days of bounce messages I'll have to unsub the offending

Some suggestions:
If you are going to be gone send the command
SET COHOUSING-L MAIL POSTPONE to stop your list mail til you return.
(To resume, send SET COHOUSING-L MAIL ACK or
                 SET COHOUSING-L MAIL DIGEST )

Send commands to listserv [at] uci.com

You may want to set postpone mode and read the list via gopher and keep the 
flood out of your mailbox entirely. (Being a postpone'd subscriber
allows you to post to the list via email in the usual way.)

Digest mode doesn't reduce the volume much but reduces the number 
of messages per day to one (or more if they wont fit in one)  

The 3 subscribers with bouncing mail at present:
VMS.CIS.PITT.EDU!JDSST17      James D. Slotta

If you know them ask them to look into this.

Mail about list problems can be sent to me at fholson [at] uci.com
or cohousing-L-request [at] uci.com will come to me also.

Fred H. Olson     fholson [at] uci.com     Minneapolis, MN   55411        
voice: (612) 588-9532    Amateur radio call: WB0YQM   Sysop of 
COHOUSING-L mailing list -- now avail. via Gopher: uci.uci.com
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