Westchester, NY newcomer meeting 6/4
From: Robert Cooper (cooppanix.com)
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 94 22:08 CDT
Hi all,

After a bad case of burn-out, the Westchester, NY (USA) Cohousing
Community has come back to life to try again.

They (I would say we but I'm still on the burn-out list) are having 
a newcomer meeting this Saturday, June 4. 

The meeting is being held at
        Grace Episcopal Church Parish Hall
        78 Main Street (at Broadway)
        Hasting-on-Hudson, NY

The meeting will start at 3pm.

For more information:
The Westchester CoHousing Community
P.O. Box 475
Hasting-On-Hudson, NY 10706-2620
(914) 962-2620

BTW - The first Westchester group spend four years educating themself
and the community about CoHousing, investigating sites, drawing up
preliminary plans and building membership beforing burning out last
year. Trying to build affordable, middle-class housing (2 bedroom units
from $160K) in one of the most expensive counties in the US is real
hard. We are not the only ones trying to stay/build/live within a one 
hour commute by train to NYC. Lost a good number of core members over those
four years, and people lost real money (thats why its call risk money). The
new group is mostly made up of people who join the CoHousing movement
within the past year or two. God bless them.
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